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Friendly staff and the same familiar faces each time I’m in. I’ve been a patient here since I was a child. Gentle and thorough. They once got my mom (not a patient at the time) in for an urgent appt the next day when everyone else in town said she had to wait a month!
– Holly G.

Just a note to let you know that the bridge you made for me is fantastic. I don’t even know that it is in my mouth. Thanks again for the fine work.
– Jack G.

Dear Dr. Bridgeford,
I just wanted to thank you for your insight when you said you felt I had trigeminal neuralgia. For over 3 weeks I had been in pain and treated for a sinus infection. The doctors were going to do more tests for my “sinus” problems. They did ask that I visit my dentist first to make sure there weren’t dental issues.

I had TN in 1997, but just couldn’t make myself believe it had returned. When you told me that morning, I knew it was true. It took another week of waiting to be able to see a neurologist, but I have had tests and am on steroids and gabapentin. These seem to help limit the attacks and make the pain bearable.

Again, thank you for being a very caring person and knowledgeable professional. I am very grateful for your help!


A thank you note from one of our happy patients.

Dr. Bridgeford –

I wanted to thank you and your staff for my recent visit and procedures. As I told you and your staff, I have extreme anxiety when it comes to dental work. The way your entire staff treated me made my experience so comfortable. From the moment I called your front desk help was very thoughtful and caring about my questions. Shelby was great to say the least; very calm and comforting on everything that was going on and would take place. I cannot say enough about your professionalism and understanding of my situations. You and your staff turned something I dread into a very positive experience for me. This means a lot to me because it’s something I have dealt with my entire life. I look forward to making your office my regular dentist choice.

Thank you again to you and your GREAT staff!!


Dear Dr. Bridgeford,

We appreciate the work you have done to me. I am very satisfied with the work you did with my teeth and dentures.

I was in pain with my teeth. Now I feel 100% better. With the work I had done, I eat pretty good now and I feel better.

We appreciate everything you have done for me. I hope and I pray to God that you keep helping people like me.

We’d like to thank you a million times for all the work you have done to me. Thank you very much!


The following are excerpts from our customer feedback forms:

How did the treatment you received enhance the quality of your life? In other words, what specific benefits did you dreive from the treatment?

It fixed my broken crown.

Obviously better dental health. More importantly for me, conquering dental phobia because of the gentle care.

We always feel like we’ve had a good checkup and like the system they have for future appointments!

The water and laser machines along with help from Stacey has taken control of my gum disease. Huge benefits.

Having healthy teeth means less problems down the road.

It is always nice to have nice teeth. When we look our best we do our best.

I can chew on that side — getting the implant was easier than I thought.

I have a nicer smile — no brown spots on my front teeth. I’ve been able to keep my own teeth — (no dentures).

Teeth cleaning and filling — better appearance.

My teeth looked much better and I really liked that.

He eliminated tooth pain I had.

I was able to chew on the right side of my mouth.

It improved my appearance and replaced my tooth. You could never tell — an implant.

My kids smile all the time!

What advice would you give to others who are considering similar treatments?

The office is professional and friendly. Dental work is gentle. Lots of attention to patients’ well-being.

We like to have our teeth cleaned twice a year to keep on top of things.

It is well worth the money.

Have it done.

Get the work done.

It is a fairly new process but would recommend it to anyone. New technology and upgrade.

Please comment on your perceptions of the financial investment versus the benefit you received? Was it worth it? If you could go back in time, would you make the decision to go forward with treatment?

Absolutely! We came to Dr. Bridgeford because it met our insurance needs. It would be tough to leave now.

Teeth are important and would do it again.

I would do it again without hesitation (my 2nd one).

As I said “It is well worth the money.” I would definitely have it done again!

I think it was a no-brainer. He explained everything very carefully and the implication would be and answered my questions and concerns. Yes it was worth it and I would make the same decision again.

Well worth it.

Dr. Bridgeford is accepting new patients. What would you say if someone asked you to give your opinion of Dr. Bridgeford?

I recently referred someone to your office. I told her I was very pleased with Dr. Bridgeford and staff.

I absolutely would recommend Dr. Bridgeford! Especially to anybody with dental fears.

Very concerned and thorough.

That he is gentle with his explanations of his work.

A very good dentist.

I would recommend him as I have in the past.

Great dentist! He explains what has to be done and he is no more expensive than any other dentist!

I recommend Charlie highly, very good.

My opinion would be very favorable!

I would highly recommend him — he does a great job and the staff is friendly, helpful and thorough.

He’s a very good dentist, explains everything, options, pricing, procedures. He’s very gentle. I have no problem referring people I know to your office.

I would recommend him very highly. I have known him personally as well as professionally for over 40 years.

I give out his name all the time. He’s great!