All About At-Home 30% 7-Hour Whitening

7 Hour WhiteningQ: How did my teeth get so yellow?
A: Discoloration can be caused by years of consuming highly colored foods or beverages, by smoking, or by practicing poor oral hygiene. Aging itself can cause discoloration when the enamel begins to thin or when stains from all of the above accumulate.
Q: What is the best way to whiten my teeth?
A: Fast and predictable At-Home 30% (7-hour) strength supports dual arch whitening, and can be completed in just 7 hours! In contrast, other at-home whiteners take 10 to 28 days (per arch!) — for a total of up to 56 days! With 30%, wear time is reduced to only two 20 to 30-minute treatments a day, for just 7 days.
Q: How does whitening with At-Home 30% actually work?
A: Your dentist will first check your teeth and gums to be sure that you begin the treatment in good health. Then your dentist will take an impression of your teeth to provide you with a custom fit plastic tray designed to hold the bleaching gel next to your teeth. You’ll notice the quick results, as the gentle oxygenating action of the gel begins to whiten your teeth.
Q: Will whitening fit into my lifestyle?
A: Yes. Whitening can be completed during bathroom routines. In fact, whitening with 30% is great if you want to look your best for a special occasion. 30% is perfect if you are rushing to get ready for that special wedding, evening out, or party.
Q: Is there sensitivity with At-Home 30%?
A: Shorter wear time with 30% reduces the possibility of sensitivity and maximizes bleaching effectiveness. Additional wear time achieves less whitening while continuing to dehydrate the teeth. Our short wear time modality is specifically designed with your comfort in mind.
Q: Is whitening with At-Home 30% safe?
A: A 1,400 patient study over three years proved 30% was safe and effective for at-home use. The study showed acute pulpal sensitivity was less than 5%.
Q: Will the color return to its original state?
A: Clinical results showed that 5 years after initial treatment, only 4% of 48 cases displayed a color reversion of 2 shades. Color reversion depends on oral hygiene, smoking habits, and food consumption following treatment. With the 30%, touch-up treatments are quick and easy.
Q: Why dentist supervised whitening?
A: Professional whitening has critically key advantages starting with speed, safety, and effectiveness.


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