Dental Services

Dr. Bridgeford and our qualified staff look forward to making your smile beautiful. We specialize in many dental areas to meet all of your family’s needs.

Restorative Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Technology
Snoring Appliance Therapy Dental Implants Implant Supported Dentures
  Bioliners – Straight teeth without braces  

What to expect at your New Patient Appointment

We will schedule your first appointment for 1 hour but ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time so we can get a medical history, your insurance information (if applicable) and information on your previous dental care.

When we first bring you back to the operatory we will review your forms and address any dental concerns that you may have. We will then update any x-rays that need to be taken, take periodontal probe readings, which are measurements from around each tooth to check the health of the bone and tissue around the teeth. Once we have gathered our information we can educate you on our findings and determine the best cleaning option for you.

Dr. Bridgeford will then come and do a comprehensive exam where he will review your medical history and your dental concerns. He will review your x-rays to see if there is any treatment that needs to be addressed. He will do an oral cancer screening and a screening of the TMJ, head and neck muscles.